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One of the challengers was Sammy George, a businessman and semi-professional poker player from Britain. He goes by the nickname "Any Two," which gives you a hint about his playing style. The game was $500/$1000 and both players had about $430,000 in front of them.

Feldman and Williamson III win big at Poker Den marathon ... Roland de Wolfe, Neil Channing, David Williams, Sammy “Any Two” George, Ilios Kamatakis, Chris Parker, Robert Williamson III and Jennifer Tilly were the first to take to the felt, the majority with a $20,000 starting stack. Channing put in one hell of a shift, playing straight through until 5pm on Wednesday, picking up $6,450. Sammy Davis Jr. - Wikipedia Samuel George Davis Jr. (December 8, 1925 – May 16, 1990) was an American singer, musician, dancer, actor, vaudevillian and comedian, noted for his impressions of actors, musicians and other celebrities. At the age of three, Davis Jr. began his career in vaudeville with his father, Sammy Davis Sr. and the Will Mastin Trio, which toured ... EPT London High Roller: Level 4 updates - Pokerstars Blog Sammy George has just accounted for Ashton Griffin — the man they call “Any Two” dumping “theASHMAN”. Griffin had A♥ Q♥ and there were two hearts on the flop; George had pocket sevens and there was a third of those among the same community cards. “What a cooler!” Durrrrr Wins $750K in Live Million Dollar Challenge - Part ...

Tom Dwan is a professional poker player from the United States. His most well-known online poker alias is “durrrr” and he is frequently referred to as Tom “durrrr” Dwan even outside the internet.

Tom Dwan makes an insane bluff with 72o against Sammy … Poker Lessons TV. Learn to Play & Learn How To Win.Have you ever sat down and watched poker on TV? Durrr doesn’t do that often, just a lot of vids ofAQ would have had AA33 Kicker Q. The hand from Sammy is AA66 Kicker J. Since both of Sammys pairs were higher than 33 his two pair wasnt...

Svou přezdívku „Any Two“ získal George při svých začátcích v proslulé londýnské pokerové herně Victoria, kde tehdy hrál trochu divoký poker.

This is SAMMY ANY TWO GEORGE! This arabian man poses as a successful businessman on the poker scene but BEWARE! This mans illusion of wealth is based on ... Sammy ‘Any Two’ George - Card Player Poker Magazine - Aug ... Picture this. A London casino, much like any other casino in the world; tournaments, cash games, black jack tables, roulette, the whole nine yards. Life radiates ... Tom Dwan Torches Sammy "Any Two" George For $750k - Poker King Tom Dwan, better known as durrrr online, destroyed Sammy George on the final day of the durrrr Million Dollar Challenge.

Sammy George to Play Durrrr in Million Dollar Poker Challenge

Сэмми Джордж живет в Англии, не имеет турнирных достижений, но довольно активно играет на наличные в различных английских казино. Его ник « Any two» объясняется тем, что Сэмми играет в предельно творческий покер и нередко способен разыгрывать 7-2 так же активно, как... Details of the now-famous durrrr challenge, playing out on Full… The durrr challenge is an open challenge to the online poker community offered byPatrik Antonius was the first to take Dwan up on the bet, and the two are currently battling it out on Fullthree players; Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies, Marcello “Luckexpress” Marigliano and Sammy “any two” George in a 500... Durrrr Challenge | Покер в России и покер за рубежом - Part… Поначалу Джордж удерживал некоторое преимущество над Дваном.Однако в связи с тем, что желающих принять участие в состязании оказалось совсем немного, а точнее всего один – Сэмми «Any two» Джордж, было принято решение отложить мероприятие.

With the challenge now postponed and moved to Las Vegas, durrrr's (pictured right) first challenger Sammy "Any Two" George will have to wait for December to get his chance to scalp one of the best players in the world.

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